1 Dec

eBook: Machine Learning in the Enterprise - Why It's Now a Top Business Priority

Seb Bulpin

“Companies will adopt AI — not just because they can, but because they must.”

Ritu Jyoti, VP, Artificial Intelligence, IDC

Machine learning is a hard one to get a handle on:

Is it a bloated bag of hype or an indispensable engine of business transformation?

Amongst all the tireless predictions and hype-cycles and roundtables it’s tricky to get a clear view.

But we can look at what’s happening in the industry, who is trying it out and what results they’re getting.

That’s what I’m going to do here in this eBook: looking at ML uptake in the enterprise, determining the business benefits and then looking at some public case studies.

eBook Contents:

1) Are Enterprises Using Machine Learning?

2) Are Enterprises Succeeding with Machine Learning?

3) How Are Enterprises Using Machine Learning?

4) Machine Learning Case Studies

5) Why Machine Learning Is a Top Business Priority

Download the eBook here:

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