15 Nov

eBook: Why AI Will Be the Cornerstone of Intelligent & Scalable Data Strategy

Seb Bulpin

“A real strategy involves a clear set of choices that define what the firm is going to do and what it’s not going to do.” (Freek Vermeulen, Harvard Business Review)

How do businesses know what they should do? Some rely on experience. Some just guess (with elaborate justifications, of course!). Most seem to rely on a combination of the two. But modern business strategists are searching for something a little more reliable: data.

They are looking to be able to provide a solid foundation to business decisions that extends beyond looking into the past and guessing into the future. Most companies are already data-driven to some extent. But it’s not yet been able to outshine traditional approaches to strategy.

In this eBook, I’ll explore why artificial intelligence is so important to delivering a scalable data and business strategy that is founded on more than experience and guesswork.

eBook Contents:

1) What is a Data Strategy?

2) What is AI?

3) Why Is AI the Lynchpin of Data Strategy?

4) AI Creates Virtuous Circles

5) How to Do AI

6) How to Get Started

Download the eBook here:

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