4 Feb

Infographic: 5 Biggest Enterprise Data Science Trends to Unlock Success in 2022

Sean Robertson

To view the infographic full-size in high-res, download the pdf here.

Data science is a powerful source of innovation and business value.

As investments pour in and new technologies emerge, what are the most relevant and important trends to look out for?

1) MLOps

Best practices around tools, process and guiding principles for large-scale deployment are taking shape, allowing enterprises to solve Machine Learning at scale.

2) Data Quality > Data Volume

Finally quality has got the edge on volume. Smaller, simpler models are starting to be deployed with super-clean data to get great results.

3) The Dangers of AutoML

As the demand for data science capabilities grows, it’s clear there’s not enough talent to go round.

Automated, low-code models that can be used by those without data backgrounds offer enterprises a way round - but at cost.

4) Environment, Society and Governance

As the importance of ESG scores increases, enterprises will need to build a credible scientific process that has data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning at its core.

5) Customer data is the key to business value

‍Companies will invest much more in turning that mountain of data into gold.

Advances in the power and accessibility of data science approaches means you can interrogate data to give a comprehensive appraisal of your customers and their experience with your company.

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