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Mesh-AI reimagines highly regulated enterprises across Financial Services and Energy and Utilities transforming them into data-rich organisations ready to unlock AI at scale, making data and AI their competitive advantage.

How We Reimagine Industries

Financial Services

Reduce the time and resources needed for regulatory compliance and risk management, and inform your strategies in banking, insurance, and capital markets. Foster innovation and deliver exceptional value by transforming financial services through data-driven AI solutions.
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Energy & Utilities

Increase sustainability and optimise operations across retail/trading, networks, and oil & gas - and accelerate the journey to net zero. Mesh-AI drives the energy sector's transformation through data-driven AI solutions, advancing innovation as well as profitability.
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eBook: The Power of Generative AI - Real-World Use Cases

While Generative AI has become a buzzword, at Mesh-AI, we pride ourselves on not just discussing its potential but actively implementing it within the enterprise space. Through these efforts, we’ve witnessed how Generative AI can drive profound impacts, unlocking millions of pounds in revenue growth and cost savings. In this eBook, we invite you to explore five compelling customer use cases we have delivered, which vividly illustrate the transformative power of Generative AI in real-world business scenarios.

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