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Mesh-AI reimagines the financial services industry by leveraging data and AI to fortify risk management, bolster operational resilience, enhance underwriting processes, and streamline investment strategies.

With a keen focus on banking, insurance, and capital markets, Mesh-AI empowers organisations to navigate regulatory complexities seamlessly, foster innovation, and deliver unparalleled value to clients and stakeholders amidst the ever-evolving financial environment.

Our Subsectors


Augment investment decision-making with predictive analytics, automate routine transactions to improve customer service, and enhance risk management practices for both individual and institutional clients.
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Increase accuracy and unlock value across underwriting, pricing, and claims with advanced analytics. Leverage predictive modelling and automation to enhance risk assessment, pricing accuracy, and claims efficiency for superior customer experiences.
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Capital Markets

Make smarter trading decisions by harnessing predictive analytics for market trends, ultimately leading to improved decision-making and increased market liquidity.
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The Future of Finance - How Data, AI & Digital Twins Will Reimagine Financial Services

Seize the opportunity on offer for financial institutions - discover the transformative power of data and AI in our latest eBook and reimagine the future of finance. This eBook covers unlocking valuable insights to make smarter decisions, utilising digital twins to drive innovation and manage risks, embracing operational resilience and achieving regulatory compliance, and how to join the forefront of innovation.

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