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Reimagining the

Enterprise with Data

and AI

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Mesh-AI is an award-winning transformation consultancy that exists to make data and AI your competitive advantage.

We’re outcome focused. We transform enterprises through people, process and technology, turning them into data rich organisations ready to unlock AI at scale.

Who We Work With

How We're Reimagining Our Clients with Data & AI

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What Our Customers Say

"We needed the next data paradigm, something that was next, not now. Mesh-AI brought this to the table."

Sarah Milton-Hunt, CIO, National Grid Electricity Transmission

“We've unlocked massive value. We're able to get more accurate insights and perform analysis we weren't previously able to do.”

Clementine Whitcomb, Data Engineer

"Working with Mesh-AI is a critical enabler for our plans to drive revenue growth."

Hans van der Waal, Global IT Director

"Mesh-AI has been fantastic. They’ve been focused on solving the 5 or 10 year problem as well as the challenges we’re facing now."

Simon Bradley, Head of Technology, Data & Analytics

Our Focus


Unlock data-driven opportunities, boost performance and introduce new capabilities.


Design, build and release data and AI enabled products that deliver maximum impact for your customers and users.


Build tailored, future ready, resilient and scalable platforms powered by modern, cloud based solutions.


Scale AI across your organisation for real value. Our expertise in data science and machine learning ensures tailored solutions.


Leverage data insights for informed decisions. Our analytics solutions fuel growth and innovation.

Our Approach

Using our tried-and-tested transformation framework Orbital we will unlock business defining value at scale, boosting data, analytics and AI capabilities.


Baseline our customers' readiness for data driven & AI led transformation with DARA, our Data and AI Readiness Assessment.


Execute our Data & AI Strategy Accelerator to define a future mode of delivery, and identify use cases to unlock business value with data driven & AI enabled solutions.


Use Mesh-AI's Incubation framework and delivery accelerators to rapidly verify use cases and build technology foundations.


Execute Lighthouse Projects to build organisational muscle memory, prove new operating models and deliver production ready business value with data & AI solutions.


Apply Mesh-AI's Pod Model to support at scale transformation of data driven & AI ready solutions for our customers.

Mesh-AI and Our Partners

We collaborate closely with partners to tailor solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers across Financial Services and Energy & Utilities. Our partnerships with cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform allow us to leverage a diverse range of capabilities to deliver optimal outcomes for our clients.

Notably, Mesh-AI was awarded the AWS Partner of the Year for Sustainability in 2023, recognising our commitment to driving environmental stewardship in the Energy & Utilities sector through innovative data solutions.

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End-to-End Transformation


We evaluate your existing capabilities, enabling you to prioritise strategic investments and to lay the foundations for future success.


We design a modern enterprise-level data strategy aligned to your business goals to unlock the value of your data, quickly.


We take you from concept to production, building data platforms, systems, products and operating models underpinned by the latest tools, technologies and methodologies.


We grow your data capabilities through AI and Machine Learning to unlock the full potential of your data. Enabling you to outperform your competitors.

Why Mesh-AI?


We take an outcome-based approach, enabling our customers to unlock the value of their data to fuel business defining outcomes with AI. We’re market leading in generating business value for our customers in record time.

Engineering Talent &
Thought Leaders

We use real world experience to bring theory to life with industry defining thought leadership. Our engineering led, pioneering approach to end-to-end transformation ensures we lead the market in attracting and retaining world class talent.

Highly Referenceable In Large Enterprise

We’ve successfully unleashed revenue growth and cost savings in the hundreds of millions by defining and executing on Data & AI transformations for the biggest UK companies across Financial Services and Energy & Utilities.

Startup Speed,
Enterprise Scale

We combine our cross functional ‘Mesh Operating Model’ with our $30m VC backing. Enabling us to hire incredible engineering talent ahead of customer demand, accelerating time to value for enterprises at scale.

Consulting Frameworks & Accelerators

Through our unrivalled experience making data and AI the competitive advantage of large, regulated enterprises, our consulting framework 'Orbital' was born to accelerate & de-risk outcomes for customers, fast.

Capability Building

To address the Data & AI skills gap prevalent in our enterprise clients, we not only deliver modern systems and operating models, we upskill your teams to own, iterate on and manage these new game changing capabilities yourselves.

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