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Mesh-AI spearheads the transformation of the energy and utilities industry, leveraging data and AI to propel innovation, optimise operations, and advance sustainability goals within retail and trading, network operators, and oil & gas.

With a resolute commitment to the race to net zero, Mesh-AI empowers organisations to navigate complexities, drive efficiency, and deliver exceptional value to stakeholders, forging a path towards a greener, more sustainable energy landscape.

Our Subsectors

Oil & Gas

Harness advanced analytics & AI to reimagine upstream and downstream operations. From predictive maintenance, to refinery optimisation and supply chain management - drive innovation and efficiency, mitigate risks, and ensure a sustainable future.
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Network Operators

Simplify grid management through predictive analytics and automation, plus alleviate the burden of resources. Detect outages, optimise asset performance, and ensure reliable energy supply.
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Retail & Trading

Optimise energy trading and retail operations with AI-driven insights. Enhance pricing strategies, accurately forecast demand, and boost customer engagement for increased profitability and competitiveness.
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Race to Net Zero

Our Race to Net Zero eBook emphasises the urgent shift towards sustainable energy solutions amidst climate change. With society's demand for clean energy aligning with AI, ML, and data analytics opportunities, we provide essential guidance for organisations aiming to achieve Net Zero. We cover topics such as the energy landscape and practical strategies for leveraging AI and data.

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