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Network Operators

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Simplify grid management through predictive analytics and automation, plus alleviate the burden of resources. Detect outages, optimise asset performance, and ensure reliable energy supply.

The Network Operator Challenges We Solve

Grid Reliability Challenges

Energy network operators grapple with ensuring the reliability of the grid amidst increasing demand and ageing infrastructure.

Asset Performance Optimisation Complexity

Optimising the performance of assets within energy networks is challenging due to diverse operating conditions and the need for proactive maintenance.

Cost Efficiency in Energy Supply

Balancing reliable energy supply with cost efficiency poses a significant challenge for energy network operators.

Our Network Operator Solutions

Predictive Outage Detection

Our predictive analytics solutions enable energy network operators to detect potential outages in advance, allowing for timely interventions to minimise disruptions and ensure uninterrupted energy supply.

Asset Health Monitoring

Mesh-AI offers asset health monitoring capabilities to utilise data analytics and machine learning algorithms, for continuously assessing the condition of network assets, enabling proactive maintenance and optimising performance.

Automated Energy Distribution Optimisation

We provide automation solutions that optimise energy distribution processes, dynamically adjusting energy flow and voltage levels to minimise losses and improve overall efficiency in energy networks.

The Business Value We Unlock

Enhanced Grid Reliability and Resilience

By proactively detecting outages and optimising asset performance, our solutions improve grid reliability and resilience, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply and minimising downtime for energy network operators.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Mesh-AI's solutions optimise energy distribution processes, reducing operational costs and improving overall efficiency for energy network operators, leading to significant cost savings and improved resource allocation.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Our predictive analytics and automation solutions contribute to enhanced reliability and efficiency in energy supply, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty as customers experience fewer disruptions and better service.

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