5 Apr

eBook: The Race to Net Zero - How AI, Data & Digital Twins Will Reimagine The Energy Industry

Tom Jenkin

The energy industry must rapidly transition to sustainable energy to achieve Net Zero emissions, as climate change is no longer a distant threat but a stark reality, and society is calling for clean, reliable, and affordable energy.

Emerging technologies like AI, ML, and data analytics offer opportunities for the energy industry to transform and achieve sustainability goals by optimizing energy systems, improving efficiency, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Achieving Net Zero requires collective effort from governments, businesses, and individuals, but implementing AI, ML & advanced analytics to solve these issues is a complex task for energy & utilities suppliers, those involved in transition networks, and oil & gas operators.

Mesh-AI has a proven track record in enabling organisations to answer their Net Zero challenges and we will explain some of the HOW over the course of this e-Book:

- The Energy Industry Landscape

- How AI & Data are an Enabler to Net Zero

- How do we bring this to life?

- What are the data domains in the industry?

- Implementing Data Mesh & Federated Data Governance

- Creating a Digital Twin: Predictive Maintenance, IoT, Sensors, Intelligent Planning

- Why the AI & Data Opportunity Matters for Net Zero

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