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Harness advanced analytics & AI to reimagine upstream and downstream operations. From predictive maintenance, to refinery optimisation and supply chain management - drive innovation and efficiency, mitigate risks, and ensure a sustainable future.

The Oil & Gas Challenges We Solve

Predictive Maintenance Optimisation

The oil & gas sector faces the pressing challenge of frequent equipment failures and downtime.

Reservoir Management Precision

Managing reservoirs effectively remains a challenge due to geological complexities and uncertainties.

Supply Chain Complexity Management

The complex nature of supply chains in the oil & gas sector poses challenges such as delays, inefficiencies, and cost overruns.

Our Oil & Gas Solutions

Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Our predictive maintenance solutions leverage AI to analyse equipment data and predict failures before they occur, enabling proactive maintenance and minimising downtime.

Reservoir Management Platforms

Mesh-AI offers reservoir management platforms that utilise advanced analytics and AI algorithms to optimise production strategies, improving reservoir performance and maximising hydrocarbon recovery.

Supply Chain Optimisation Tools

We provide supply chain optimisation tools that harness data analytics and AI to optimise logistics, inventory management, and procurement processes, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency throughout the supply chain.

The Business Value We Unlock

Increased Operational Efficiency

By optimising predictive maintenance, reservoir management, and supply chain processes, Mesh-AI helps oil & gas companies achieve higher operational efficiency, reducing costs and improving productivity.

Enhanced Risk Mitigation

Our solutions mitigate risks associated with equipment failures, reservoir uncertainties, and supply chain disruptions, ensuring continuous operations and safeguarding against financial losses.

Sustainable Growth and Innovation

Mesh-AI's data-driven approach drives innovation and sustainability in the oil & gas sector, enabling companies to adapt to changing market conditions, comply with regulations, and meet sustainability goals for long-term success.

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