8 Feb

eBook: Data Strategy Accelerator

Tareq Abedrabbo

Given the wide range of technologies, data sources, sunk investments and business commitments companies need to consider, they often struggle to get a clear understanding of their readiness and what they need to do to improve it.

Some questions they often struggle with include:

- Where do we start with our data transformation?

- How do we aggregate multiple and disparate data sources?

- How do we improve the quality of our data?

- How do we create a self-serve analytics capability?

- What does our future state architecture and operating model look like?

Mesh-AI follows a prescriptive framework to baseline our customers’ data maturity across people, process and technology. We conduct a four-week assessment, analysing three applications or products to establish the current state of your data transformation.

Download our Data Strategy Accelerator eBook to find out how you can supercharge your data transformation.

Get your eBook here:

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