18 Aug

eBook: Federated Data Governance - The Ultimate Enabler Of Rapid Data-Driven Innovation

Tareq Abedrabbo

Data governance doesn’t have to be a boring, technical obstruction to the ‘real’ work.

By ensuring that the data bedrock of your organisation is firm and strong, data governance actually enables data to flow fast and free throughout your organisation, opening the floodgates to disruptive, data-driven innovation.

For those that have the vision to see, it’s an exciting, business-critical issue that deserves careful attention and consideration!

In this eBook, we will cover:

- Why data governance matters for innovation

- The problem with traditional data governance

- What is federated data governance?

- Why data federation is a superpower

- The ideal data architecture for federated data governance: Data Mesh

- Envisioning data governance as an enabler

Get your eBook here:

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