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Life at Mesh-AI: Interview with Mo Beldo, Consulting Partner

Mo Beldo

Mo Beldo joined Mesh-AI as a Consulting Partner.

We sat down with him to find out more about his background, what interested him in working with data, AI and ML and what led him to Mesh-AI.

Hi Mo! Can you tell us a bit about your background? What started your journey into tech?

I’ve always been interested in technology - from a young age I had a habit of trying to take things apart and break them just so I could fix them again.

However, it was the movie “Ocean’s 13” that really inspired me to study AI at uni! I loved the fact that they had invented a security system that could detect when gamblers were cheating. This really showed me the possibilities of what AI could do - even if fictional -  and I wanted to be a part of it.

After university, I went into consulting to learn more about how AI could solve every-day business problems. Following that, my passion still lay with AI, so some friends and I kicked off a small start-up focused on using AI to predict the outcome of football games. I then moved to another start-up, working with IoT and AI, before landing at Mesh-AI.

What does a Consulting Partner do at Mesh-AI?

Consulting partners work closely with clients to get to the root of their data problems and understand how a solution could be proposed for said problems in an end-to-end manner. We get to work with different senior stakeholders across multiple organisations and industries, to understand common patterns these stakeholders face and how new and emerging technologies like Data Mesh, Digital Twins and Machine learning can help solve these complex problems.

What attracted you to joining Mesh-AI?

I really felt that the data market still remained largely untapped. Many of my previous clients all faced the same challenges, across multiple different industries with very few consultancies focusing on fixing these problems.

Mesh-AI was the first consultancy I’d come across that really understood the business challenge and were focused on creating solutions with data, AI and ML that really unlocked value for their customers. After a few conversations with the Mesh-AI team, I knew that our thinking  was aligned and this was where I was meant to be!

What makes a good company culture?

Mesh-AI has a really collaborative culture, which in my mind is crucial to creating an environment where the team can thrive. A day in the office consists of many laughs across all of the teams, but also really focused, head down sessions of deep work in perfect balance. Bright, collaborative individuals are crucial to the success of a company and building a culture and Mesh-AI has that at its core where everyone is happy to lend a helping hand, share information and work together across all the different business domains.

What do you think enterprises should be investing in and why?

In my experience, a lot of enterprises claim to be data-driven when in reality they treat data as a second class citizen. Data is tough to manage, but the dividends and return on investment are huge once you can get it in the right shape.

Enterprises should focus on building a data culture within their organisations, where data is at the core of everything and ensuring the data they use is clean and of high quality, managed well and easily accessible. If you’re interested in reading more about creating a data culture, check out this blog here.

What would your message be to C-levels who are looking to invest in big data/AI projects?

Start small!

A lot of organisations feel the pressure of being behind their competitors when it comes to big data and AI projects and attempt to kick off large scale projects to compensate. These often fail to meet expectations and can dampen the appetite for any future projects within the business. I see the most success when C-levels pick a specific, high-value use case for these projects and execute on those lighthouse projects, quickly demonstrating the value of these projects and using them as a reference to scale out to wider use cases.

If you’re interested in joining the Mesh-AI team - we’re hiring! Get in touch with us at careers@mesh-ai.com or find our open roles here.

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