4 Apr

Meet Mesh-AI’s New CRO Jacob Parsons: Driving Data and AI Innovation at Mesh-AI

Tom Jenkin

Mesh-AI is the fastest growing data & AI consultancy reimagining how enterprises see value in their data. As an award winning organisation, we're expanding to meet the huge demand for enterprises looking to harness the potential of data and AI.

We’re thrilled to welcome Jacob Parsons, who takes up the role of Chief Revenue Officer, who has a track record for delivering on a business outcome-based approach in sectors that stand to gain the most from AI. Jacob is focused on enabling Mesh-AI’s customers to derive the maximum benefit from effective data and AI strategies, drawing on decades of experience. 

We caught up with Jacob to discover what he thinks about the opportunities in the market and why he joined Mesh-AI to help “build something meaningful”.

Can you share a bit about your background and professional journey?

Certainly! I started out in management consulting, primarily focused on shaping and delivering outcomes for companies in distress or going through big changes. My journey led me through Cambridge Management Consulting, then onto Compaq (later acquired by HP), and eventually to Avanade & Accenture. At Avanade, I built and led various sales teams across various sectors including energy, utilities, manufacturing and consumer packaged goods (CPG).

What was your role at AWS and how did it shape your perspective?

At AWS, I joined during the early rise of cloud technology. My role involved building and leading enterprise sectors, building the sales acquisition engine and ultimately managing the whole enterprise business which was multi billion dollars in revenue, across key industry verticals such as finance, media, retail, energy and engineering. It was an exciting time, but also challenging as competitors like Microsoft were aggressively expanding. Seeing all this competition and speed to adoption reinforced my belief in the power of technological transformation and the importance of delivering tangible business benefits to clients.

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What motivated you to join Mesh-AI?

What attracted me to Mesh-AI was the opportunity to build something meaningful. There’s a lot of hype surrounding AI, but Mesh-AI is delivering game-changing capabilities for clients using data and AI. I'm genuinely excited about the potential to deliver real value to clients and help them build solid data foundations to unlock AI’s potential. Seeing the impact of innovative solutions firsthand and helping clients navigate their digital transformation journey is incredibly rewarding to me.

What excites you most about your role at Mesh-AI?

What excites me most is the opportunity to work closely with clients, guiding them from problem recognition to value realisation. Helping clients grasp the potential of data and AI, and realise the value hidden in their data, is incredibly fulfilling. I'm also looking forward to building high-performing teams and growing the expertise we already possess at Mesh-AI. Our subject matter experts are a cornerstone for driving transformation that makes a tangible difference for our clients.

My journey from consulting to leading enterprise sectors at AWS has equipped me with the experience and insights needed to drive innovation and deliver impactful solutions at Mesh-AI. I'm thrilled to be part of a team that's at the forefront of revolutionising how businesses harness the power of data and AI.

What specific opportunities do you see in the market for the transformational impact of data and AI?

There's immense potential across various industries to make the most out of data & AI. Financial services, energy, and others are ripe for transformation through better data utilisation. Digital wealth management, for instance, presents an intriguing innovation catering to a specific market niche. The key lies in understanding each industry's unique challenges and offering tailored solutions which make a real difference.

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What challenges do enterprises face in adopting data and AI solutions?

For the vast majority of enterprises, their biggest challenge is the lack of strong data foundations, with data spread across different business units & functions as well as disjointed, disparate IT systems. Many of these systems are old legacy technology, and tricky to see how they’ll modernise. Addressing this requires a holistic approach to increase data literacy and the quality of data, allowing organisations to deploy AI to their products and services at scale.

Additionally, there's a misconception that achieving data perfection is necessary, when in reality, incremental progress can yield significant benefits, much like the early adopters of cloud technology experienced. Enterprises need to understand adopting these technologies and taking a modern approach to their data is part of a longer journey. One that will yield significant benefits as the journey continues, providing they’re working with the right partner to help them along the way. 

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