25 Apr

AWS Summit London 2024: The Gen AI Boom Needs Strong Data Foundations

Tom Jenkin

While conferences are often full of bold claims and headline grabbing statements, the innovation on show at AWS Summit London 2024 was staggering. 

We saw how technology is being deployed to solve the planet’s biggest problems and make society better, to automating complex tasks and breaking through barriers to make Generative AI easier to use, scale and deploy.

These are our highlights from a packed out day on the Mesh-AI stand and our session from Consulting Director Deepak Ramchandani-Vensi to over 100 leaders looking to better understand the barriers to AI adoption in the enterprise. 

“Data is Your Differentiator”

In her keynote session to kick off the Summit, AWS’ Head of Professional Services Francesca Vasquez ran through a laundry list of the incredible accomplishments made possible through AWS, from drug discovery to chip efficiency and slashing the cost of credit with Zilch. 

She said we find ourselves on the precipice of a new Generative AI era. But the cornerstone for all this development? 


Accurate, up to date, high quality data. Vasquez said: “Every modern business is a data business. Data is your differentiator. Good data = Good AI.”

The Broad Spectrum for AI in the Enterprise

Mesh-AI Consulting Director Deepak Ramchandani-Vensi demonstrated the impact of AI adoption in enterprises to a jam packed Apollo Theatre. 

He told how the organisations we work with are seeing AI influence all stages of the transformation journey, from strategy and operating models to data and governance. 

From delivering net zero through accurate outage insights, to reducing the manual effort involved in underwriting processes and managing risks, AI is being rolled out across the enterprise to deliver against organisational goals. 

Highly-Regulated Enterprises and the Importance of Data Strategies

We spoke to dozens of delegates from large organisations across financial services, energy, government and beyond, and there was one overwhelming takeaway. 

Enterprises have woken up to the importance of a strong data strategy based on high quality data.

They know a robust governance framework can increase the accessibility of data and make innovation easier and faster. 

At a high level, boards have mandated AI exploration to capitalise on opportunities that will help businesses achieve their overall objectives. 

But in the short-term, resolving issues around data will make people’s lives easier, reduce frustration and increase efficiency across the organisation.

AI in Action, Results Pending

Almost every stand and session revolved around AI and Generative AI. There were AI-powered demonstrations and discussions over how AI is being leveraged to solve various challenges across a range of industries. 

But many on the ground are still sceptical over the tangible results, from Generative AI in particular.

At Mesh-AI, we’re one of the few consultancies able to directly demonstrate the tangible benefits we’ve delivered for clients through Generative AI

  • Our collaboration with a leading UK asset management firm to deliver a Generative AI Risk Framework established ethical guidelines but also unlocked operational efficiencies, resulting in significant cost savings and revenue generation, estimated in the region of £20 million.
  • We’ve use Generative AI to reimagine how an energy enterprise reports on compliance.  By integrating data quality testing and modern data governance based on data mesh principles, we’ve embedded a highly efficient, automated reporting system so insights can be gained in minutes not months.

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