5 Jun

eBook: How to Build a Rock-Solid AI Strategy

David Bartram-Shaw

Despite significant investments in AI, businesses are failing to achieve transformational results. The root cause lies in the lack of strategic depth applied to AI initiatives. Often, AI is developed in isolation from overall business operations and strategy, limited to proof-of-concept projects. Even successful pilots rarely translate into enterprise-wide implementations.

Proof of Concepts and experiments alone cannot drive true enterprise transformation. However, AI possesses incredible potential, exemplified by technologies like ChatGPT and their impressive outputs. To harness this potential, businesses must cultivate the necessary conditions for growth. Similar to the Internet's impact, AI requires a strategic, creative, and bold approach, alongside a culture that understands its value and can leverage it effectively.

To realise AI's promise, it must be deeply integrated into the business core, supported by robust technical foundations, and embraced within the organisational culture. This eBook explores the five pillars for building a sustainable and scalable AI strategy that delivers genuine ROI.

- The Business Case for AI

- The 5 Pillars of AI

1) Culture

2) Ideation

3) Delivery

4) Trust

5) Impact

- What Does a Mature AI Strategy Look Like?

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