18 May

eBook: Enterprise Data Leader's Handbook

Tareq Abedrabbo

Introducing the "Enterprise Data Leader's Handbook," an essential resource for those in charge of data within enterprise businesses. As modern data demands continue to evolve, many organisations struggle to keep up with complex reporting, advanced analytics, and real-time business intelligence. However, there is a silver lining: a realm of exciting new possibilities for enterprise data leaders. This eBook delves into strategic use cases that can transform businesses:

- Automated real-time environmental/regulatory reporting demanded by regulators

- Actionable 360° customer insights in real-time

- AI/ML-optimised business processes for powerful insights

- Knowledge graphs to capture complex organisational knowledge

- Digital twins using real-time data for simulations and risk mitigation

To unlock these opportunities, a paradigm shift is required. Traditional approaches like centralised data teams and batch ETL are too slow and fragmented. This eBook emphasises the need for a strategic approach to data, providing high-quality, on-demand, trustworthy data throughout the organisation. By embracing this new mindset, enterprise data leaders can tap into the true potential of data as a business superpower. Discover the core pillars of this transformative shift in the pages that follow.

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