19 Feb

From Concept to Reality: How Business Leaders can Extract Value from Data Mesh

Tareq Abedrabbo

As the pace of enterprise AI adoption continues to outstrip expectations, organisations need to address underlying issues in how they approach data. More than ever before, the impact of doing nothing is simply not an option. 

In order to continue driving innovation at scale, a data strategy should have business value as its north star. Only then can enterprises truly realise the potential in their data and outpace the competition. What they need is a data mesh approach.

In adopting their own data mesh, enterprises can make access to essential data more seamless, regardless of the use case, streamline operations and empower business domains to be better data owners. All of this combined makes businesses more data-driven, delivers a better service to customers and unlocks new revenue opportunities.

In this ebook, we’ll outline our learnings from two years of implementing data mesh as a concept across some of the world’s most highly regulated enterprises:

  • How every enterprise can take a different data mesh approach
  • Understanding the impact and resources needed
  • How it naturally supports extracting business value
  • The importance of senior sponsorship
  • How data mesh is the key to efficient execution and faster delivery

Download the eBook here:

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