2 Aug

Reimagining Global Payments: Unleashing £7M in Annual Business Value with a Data-Driven Product Approach

Tom Jenkin

Mesh-AI is working with one of the leading international payment solutions and infrastructure companies to create an estimated additional business value of £6M per year through optimising their data infrastructure.

This payments provider, with revenues in the hundreds of millions, is on a mission to optimise the quality of its data and improve customer experience.

Working with Mesh-AI, this organisation will:

  • Save £5m in costs and 17.5 days per month, by automating manually intensive reporting processes.
  • Increase the revenue of cross border payments, unleashing an additional £2m in business value.

The Challenge: Manually Intensive Reporting and Low Data Quality

Our client must meet numerous regulations across different geographies but faced challenges with incomplete and unreliable data. In order to assess the quality of their data and ability to meet regulatory requirements, the firm approached Mesh-AI to run a data maturity assessment. This highlighted a number of critical issues within their data estate:

  1. Inefficient manual generation of business-critical customer reporting, which was both error-prone and costing the business millions.
  2. Security and personal data concerns within their data, put them at risk of major GDPR penalties. With reported revenue of ~£38m, if a GDPR penalty was handed out by the ICO; this could equate to 4% of annual worldwide turnover or a maximum fine of €20 million.
  3. Poor data integrity. Source data tables were often not being replicated correctly in their data warehouse, and there was a lack of unified understanding of what they meant or the data included in them.

The Solution: Harnessing Modern Data Practices and Machine Learning to Unlock Growth

Step 01: Our data and AI experts proposed solutions to enhance client data quality through a product thinking approach, including data products, federated governance, and unified data understanding.

Step 02: We recommended shifting towards an event-based data architecture to move away from fractured data loads and improve efficiency.

Step 03: Power BI tooling optimisation enabled customers to self-serve invoicing and billing data automatically.

Step 04: Our Data Operating Model optimised by forming skilled cross-functional data product squads with end-to-end accountability.

Step 05: We leveraged ML capabilities to enhance predictive business analytics, driving revenue growth and operational efficiencies.

The Business Value: Saving £5m in Costs and Boosting Margins by a Further £2m Across the Enterprise 

We have unleashed revenue growth of £2m, cut costs by £5m, and saved 17.5 days per month by shifting from manual reporting processes to a more automated, data-driven approach.

Not only did our client see a significant reduction in the effort behind reporting, but the improvements to data integrity and quality is opening up the discovery of data products to domain experts across the enterprise. This reduces bottlenecks in accessing the integral data and fosters further innovation. 

The organisation’s aggressive growth targets are now backed up with scalable data infrastructure that has reduced the cost of cross-border payments by 5% per year. 

With a greater understanding of internal data, this client is better positioned to understand areas of improvement from a compliance perspective and therefore able to meet regulatory requirements more efficiently. 

Thanks to this new capability and working with Mesh-AI, the global payments solution provider has improved its operational resilience and unlocked the potential of its revenue streams. 

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