30 Mar

Podcast: Skipping The Fluff Of Domain Driven Design For Data Mesh

Lorenzo Nicora

Our very own Lorenzo Nicora, Principal Data Consultant, was interviewed on the Data Mesh Radio podcast about how to use domain-driven design (DDD) for data and data mesh.

Scott Hirlemon, the host, asked Lorenzo to ‘skip the fluff’ and to get right into the core strategic principles and processes as well as dive deep into the nuances of using DDD for data.

With so many struggling with the wide variety of opinions and perspectives on DDD, Lorenzo takes a strategic look at the things that truly matter, bringing his experience to bear on a wide range of topics, including:

- Where you need to start with DDD

- The main challenges and pitfalls you will face

- Key pointers on how to succeed and the critical processes you will need

- Why language is the critical tool for understanding your domains

- How to proceed with the most important stage: defining your domains

- How to use DDD specifically for data-centric scenarios

Check out the episode here >

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