31 Aug

Generative AI Strategy Accelerator

Tareq Abedrabbo

Mesh-AI baselines your Generative AI readiness across people, process and technology. Our Generative AI Strategy Accelerator identifies the areas within your organisation that require the most attention and have the biggest opportunities for AI impact within your business.

‍Organisations will have varying degrees of Generative AI readiness, some with highly specialised siloed ML teams, some with dispersed data scientists and others have no Generative AI capabilities at all. Regardless of the current setup, we believe the impact of AI can be optimised by building a fully aligned and productive AI Operating model. Over the course of 4-6 weeks, we analyse your organisation’s current state of AI readiness and determine the most ready parts of your organisation to embrace AI-driven transformation.

Download our Generative AI Strategy Accelerator information sheet here:

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