28 Jun

Addressing Gender Bias in AI Through Data

Podcast Hosts:
Candice Nicholas
Naina Kini
Rhyd Lewis
Josh Walker
Podcast Guests:
Júlia Bayascas Caseras, Sandra Cristina Correia, Erika Duckworth Oates
38 mins

Today we’re joined by Júlia Bayascas Caseras, Sandra Cristina Correia and Erika Duckworth Oates from Siemens Energy. They discuss the internal community they created, Women+, which aims to empower and connect women and minority genders working in the data space at Siemens Energy. 

The community has grown to almost 200 members, including a diverse group of male allies, women, and other minority genders. Tune in as we explore the challenges women face in the tech industry and the trio’s continued efforts to address the myriad of issues.

Listen now:

Links mentioned:

Júlia Bayascas Caseras on LinkedIn

Sandra Cristina Correia on LinkedIn

Erika Duckworth Oates on LinkedIn

TEDxPasadena: How to Outsmart Your Own Unconscious Bias

The European Institute for Gender Equality

International Women’s Day

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The Data & AI Podcast explores the developments, insights and trends in data science and AI/ML. Our hosts will delve into the latest news and discuss the  challenges on how enterprises are reimagining how they use data and AI to benefit their customers. 

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