12 Mar

Demystifying Data Contracts, with GoCardless' Andrew Jones

Podcast Hosts:
Deepak Ramchandani Vensi
Podcast Guests:
Andrew Jones, Dan Ward
40 mins

Ensuring data is used and owned in the right way is a challenge for many organisations. Data contracts, long touted as the answer, are nothing new. But their role in a robust data governance strategy is still unclear to many. 

How does this fit in with your existing policies? What’s the impact on data products? How will it help you solve data quality issues at the source? We speak to the creator of data contracts to answer all of these questions and more. 

Join GoCardless’ Principal Engineer Andrew Jones, author of “Driving Data quality with Data Contracts”, Mesh-AI’s Principal Data Consultant Dan Ward and Consulting Director Deepak Ramchandani-Vensi as they demystify data contracts and delve into how engineers and data owners can make use of them. 

They cover: 

  • What role a data contract plays and the problems it solves
  • The link between data contracts and data products
  • The resource impact on organisations of adopting data contracts
  • The misbeliefs around data contracts
  • The next steps organisations can take

Listen now:

About Our Guest

Andrew Jones is a Principal Engineer at GoCardless and author of the recently published and well received book "Driving Data Quality with Data Contracts". He is a regular speaker and writer, and passionate about helping organisations get the most value from their data.

About the Podcast

The Data & AI Podcast explores the developments, insights and trends in data science and AI/ML.  Our hosts will delve into the latest news and discuss the  challenges on how enterprises are reimagining how they use data and AI to benefit their customers. 

Interested in speaking on the show? Get in touch with us at podcasts@mesh-ai.com 

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