22 Apr

Transforming EDF's Energy Insights Through Strong Data Foundations to Reach Net Zero

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Podcast Guests:
Cici Whitcomb, Alex Juarez
40 mins

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EDF is the largest generator of zero carbon electricity in the UK, and its Wholesale Market Services (WMS) unit acts as a bridge between the supply and generation sides of the business. Their team had a problem: a lack of access and usability of the vast amount of data in its possession.

This data holds the key to more effective pricing and ensuring electricity isn't wasted. By enabling data-centric decision making, Mesh-AI helped EDF unlock better insights and be in the strongest position to help Britain achieve Net Zero.

We caught up with EDF Data Engineer Cici Whitcomb to discuss the challenges faced by the WMS team, the collaborative approach with Mesh-AI to solve these challenges, and the great uplifts in unlocking additional value from the data.

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About Our Guest

Cici Whitcomb is a Data Engineer in the Wholesale Market Services (WMS) department at EDF. She has previously spoken on modernising her team's approach to data, her unconventional path into data engineering, and what organisations must do to ensure fairness and transparency in their technology.

About the Podcast

The Data & AI Podcast explores the developments, insights and trends in data science and AI/ML.  Our hosts will delve into the latest news and discuss the  challenges on how enterprises are reimagining how they use data and AI to benefit their customers. 

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