23 Mar

Infographic: 5 Ways to Overcome Complex Data Challenges

Tareq Abedrabbo

To view the infographic full-size in high-res, download the pdf here.

When complex organisations approach complex data challenges, there are a 5 key factors to keep in mind:

1) Data is a business problem first

If you approach it technology-first your data project is unlikely to deliver the expected business value.

2) Data is valuable at the point of consumption, not production or storage

Accumulating data in a data lake or similar doesn’t in itself solve any business problem.

3) Data is never just an integration problem

Useful data will cross domains and will be combined with data from different domains as well.

4) Data interoperability is vital to create value

Reuse of the same data needs to be available in different contexts so it needs to be described through strong contracts that cover form, semantics and attributes.

5) Data discovery is an essential part of data democratisation

People who need to consume a specific data set in an organisation are often not the ones who own it or understand it.

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