30 Nov

Key Takeaways from our Award-Winning Visit to AWS re:Invent 2023

Kayleigh Bull

This year’s re:Invent was dominated, unsurprisingly, by the rapid pace of adoption of Generative AI. 

Fresh off the back of AWS' $4bn investment into Anthropic to “develop the most reliable and high-performing foundation models in the industry”, re:Invent promised more news of more partnerships and capabilities. It was revealed this year how Claude, Anthropic’s AI assistant, was built on AWS infrastructure. 

These were our favourites from our visit to AWS’ takeover of Las Vegas. 

Amazon Q Will Let Employees Answer Company Specific Questions

We were most excited about AWS CEO Adam Selipsky’s announcement of Amazon Q, an AI assistant allowing employees to answer questions about their company. 

Instead of employees sifting through company data, locating guidelines on intranet sites, or waiting to speak to time poor colleagues, Amazon Q finds the answer in a fraction of the time, by “seamlessly tapping into corporate information repositories, code, data, and enterprise systems.”

Most Generative AI uses we’ve seen so far have been directed at improving efficiencies across an organisation–32% of enterprises are using AI to “increase operational efficiencies” according to our State of AI in the Enterprise report. This is another step in helping businesses take the tactical weight off of their employees, freeing up their time for more high value tasks. 

Graviton4 Promises to Make AWS Data Centres More Energy Efficient

We’ve mentioned before how the processing, collection and storage of the world’s data is one of the biggest contributors to human-based emissions - made much worse by dark data.

So we were excited by the announcement of Graviton4. To power the continued adoption of AI, AWS announced its most powerful and energy efficient processor yet. Graviton4 delivers “up to 30% better compute performance and 75% more memory bandwidth” than existing processors. 

This was combined with the announcement of Trainium2 chips, which allow AI models to be trained four times faster. 

By training AI models faster and reducing the total compute needed, this is a good step towards making AI adoption more sustainable for enterprises. 

Mesh-AI Awarded Sustainability Partner of the Year 2023

One of the key takeaways from Adam Selipsky's keynote was AWS' commitment to sustainability, calling it "the issue of our generation". So we were thrilled to be recognised for our work in this area, as we received the Partner of the Year award for enabling a highly regulated energy enterprise to power a transition to net zero. 

This award recognises our commitment to helping our customers meet their sustainability goals while driving innovation through data, AI and AWS solutions. 

We understand the pivotal role data and AI plays in the race to net zero and have a proven track record in enabling organisations to answer their sustainability challenges. We were selected for this award for our work:

  • Enabling a highly regulated energy organisation to leverage modern data practices to understand and drive profitability, respond to environmental factors with agility and drive market-wide change through regulatory RFIs and lobbying.
  • Reimagining regulatory reporting to reduce the required reporting time from 5 days to minutes, and reduce incident risk and frequency, with multi-million pounds in cost saving implications.

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