19 Jun

Is Your Organisation AI Ready? Launching DARA: Our Data & AI Readiness App

Tom Jenkin

The future belongs to AI enabled organisations. But AI needs high-quality ML to work and that's impossible without high-quality data.

So how can your organisation accurately assess its AI readiness and the strength of foundational data?

To help you answer this question, we’ve launched DARA: the Data & AI Readiness Application. DARA is a unique, free-to-consume consulting solution designed to help enterprises accurately baseline their data and AI readiness, visually compare their position against an industry index, and lay the path to further nurture their digital transformation journey. In doing so, we can better empower you to capture the myriad of opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

Key Features of DARA: A Comprehensive Solution for Data & AI Readiness

Understanding the starting point is the first crucial step towards any transformation. That's why DARA establishes the foundations for data and AI readiness at a team and company level through a thorough self-assessment and peer review process.

Here are the key features that make DARA a game-changer for organisations seeking to transform how they wield data and AI.

In-Depth Self-Assessment: DARA provides a comprehensive analysis of your organisation's current state, ensuring every relevant aspect of your organisation's data and AI capabilities is thoroughly evaluated.

Baseline Your Organisation's Readiness: Establish a solid foundation by allowing you to baseline your organisation's data and AI readiness. Identify strengths, uncover areas of improvement, and track your progress over time, enabling you to make informed decisions and strategic plans. 

Cross Analysis of Teams: DARA's powerful assessment capabilities extend to cross-analysis of domain and product teams within your business. This feature allows for a granular view of each team's readiness, enabling you to identify internal best practices, areas that need support, and opportunities for collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Peer Analysis Within Your Industry: Perform peer analysis with other organisations in your industry. This comparative insight allows you to understand your relative position, assess competitive threats, and identify industry trends and benchmarks.

A screenshot of DARA: A central hub provides an index of the Data & AI Readiness of all your applications and domains
A central hub provides an index of the Data & AI Readiness of all your applications and domains

A screenshot of DARA: Users can perform cross-industry benchmarking and intra-team analysis using rich dashboards
Users can perform cross-industry benchmarking and intra-team analysis using rich dashboards

With these features, DARA transcends traditional assessment tools, offering a multi-dimensional, holistic approach to understanding your data and AI readiness. This comprehensive solution not only provides insights about your current status but also equips you with valuable comparative perspectives that are critical in navigating your transformation journey.

All of this will be packed into our Beta release which has been built entirely using generative AI techniques and a serverless architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS). A richer feature set will follow in the not too distant future… and I’ll give you a clue, it starts with Large, Language, Model (LLM). ;-)

How DARA Works

DARA offers a multi-dimensional, holistic approach to understanding your data and AI readiness, providing insights about your current status while equipping you with valuable comparative perspectives, critical in navigating your transformation journey.

Once you’ve completed the assessment, your organisation will be measured across our 5 point readiness scale: 

Foundational: Your organisation is beginning to explore the power of data or AI, but there's a long journey ahead. You're aware of the potential, and you're ready to start building your capabilities.

Active: You're actively experimenting with data or AI. You have a designated team or individuals driving initiatives, with initial use-cases under development or testing.

Operational: You've successfully implemented data or AI solutions, and they're delivering results. You're on track with an established vision for data or AI, and you're scaling its usage.

Embedded: Data or AI is deeply integrated into your organisation's processes and decision-making. It's not just a tool but a core part of your strategy, driving a competitive advantage.

Transformational: You're at the pinnacle of data or AI maturity. Not only is it fully embedded in your operations, but it's also transforming your organisation. You're a leader in the space, setting benchmarks and shaping trends.

Assessing your data and AI readiness has never been simpler! 

Users can complete a self-assessment review of their Data & AI Readiness posture

Users can review historical entries to see their AI & Data Readiness improvements across people, process & technology

Take the Next Step: Prepare Your Enterprise for the Future with DARA

I am excited about the value DARA can bring to our customers, and we can't wait for you to experience it. You can sign up here to start your self-assessment and analyse your data and AI readiness today. 

Expand Your Knowledge

In the meantime, we invite you to dive into our thought leadership. Read our Data Leaders Handbook and our recent blogs covering important topics like The Importance of an AI Operating Model and Solid Data Foundations, and explore Generative AI: Navigate the Hype, Deliver Impact and Mitigate Risk. 

These resources and all the many more that we have drafted since our inception, will equip you and your organisation with valuable insights as you prepare for your data and AI transformation journey.

Embrace the future with DARA and take the crucial first step towards harnessing the full potential of your organisation's data and AI capabilities. Join us in this exciting chapter and let's shape the future of your enterprise together!

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