26 Jul

Simplifying AI: Capturing Unstructured Data and Informing Decision-Making, with WPP's Di Mayze

Podcast Hosts:
Deepak Ramchandani Vensi
Podcast Guests:
Di Mayze
38 mins

Di Mayze is the Global Head of Data and AI at marketing and advertising giant WPP. Di is the first to hold the title, setting the data strategy for WPP and its agencies. We asked her how she’s built a data-driven culture to accelerate literacy and help agencies understand how to harness data and AI for the benefit of their clients.

We discuss WPP’s philosophical approach towards data management and its importance to fuelling AI, data variety vs data volume, and the importance of capturing new types of data at an unprecedented scale. Di also explains how to give people fulfilment in their careers by diagnosing where humans can do strategic work and use AI to lower value tasks.

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The Data & AI Podcast explores the developments, insights and trends in data science and AI/ML. Our hosts will delve into the latest news and discuss the  challenges on how enterprises are reimagining how they use data and AI to benefit their customers. 

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