15 Mar

The Role of Regulation and its Future

Podcast Hosts:
Deepak Ramchandani Vensi
Rhyd Lewis
Podcast Guests:
19 mins

Welcome to the first episode of the Data & AI Podcast!

In this episode, Mesh-AI’s Deepak Vensi, Rhyd Lewis and David Bartram-Shaw explore the world of Generative AI and its impact on our lives. In light of some recent announcements in the space around legislation section 230, they explore the potential harm implications and liabilities of this technology. 

They also discuss the topic of regulation and why it can be a positive thing, as well as using Generative AI for the right purposes and the role of education in ensuring that people understand its capabilities and limitations. 

Links mentioned:

Gary Marcus: https://garymarcus.substack.com/ 

GitHub Copilot: https://github.com/features/copilot

Mesh AI: https://www.mesh-ai.com/ 

Email: podcast@mesh-ai.com

About the Podcast

The Data & AI Podcast explores the the developments, insights and trends across data, AI and the technology that powers it.

Join the Mesh-AI team and special guests as they delve into the latest news and discuss the challenges on how enterprises are reimagining how they use data and AI to benefit their customers.

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