Data & Software Engineering

Shifting away from legacy systems and traditional ways of handling data to a modern approach is a complex task for large enterprises operating across multiple domains and revenue streams. But to future proof the business, meet compliance demands and continue to grow, adopting a data-driven approach is crucial.

Data is often stored in disparate systems, making them inaccessible and hard to consume. The one size fits all data warehouse solution simply isn’t sufficient for the wealth of data that enterprises need to harness.

However, modern data and software engineering practices can pave the way for a scalable operation that sees your organisation extract the true value of data, maximise investment and ensure data is compliant and secure.

Mesh-AI has the skills and expertise to transform how your enterprise extracts value from data.

We've worked with the world's most highly-regulated enterprise organisations to make data discoverable and accessible to the enterprise and turn it into business value. We introduce a new capability that is available to the whole organisation, not just siloed teams – we are one of a handful of organisations globally to scale AI across critical national infrastructure.

We bring together a wealth of experience to democratise access to data within your enterprise. Our approach will maximise your investment in analytical and BI tooling, allowing you to extract real value from your data to transform how different domains operate, how you develop new products and serve customers.

Our clients reimagine how they approach data and harness software, maximising the value of their data and creating a new asset.

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