Cloud Platforms

Enterprises struggle with excessive costs, inefficiencies, and internal conflicts while trying to equip multiple divisions with suitable technology and platforms, often resulting in limited scalability of investments.

In order to meet the demands of their business and customers they require access to technology and platforms across private, public and hybrid cloud. However, a one size fits all approach to technology and platforms often results in stifled innovation, diminished business value and frustrated end-users who circumvent security and compliance requirements by adopting their own solutions outside of corporate IT governance.

Mesh-AI has the skills and expertise to build data and AI platforms to meet the goals of your enterprise

We've worked with the world's most highly-regulated enterprise organisations to harness how they use cloud-based architecture, product, data, AI & modern software delivery models to reduce friction and power innovation at scale.

We work with governance, security and risk functions to help protect the interests of the business, its customers and shareholders. We build right sized technology & platform solutions, aligned to industry standards, that meet the needs of your business. The platforms we build are modular, defined as code and highly resilient, ensuring our customers can deliver change at speed, without compromising their risk appetite.

We design, build & deliver platforms that lower the technology administrative overhead for our customers, so that they can focus on adding value to their customers.

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