The game-changing opportunities made available by AI are no secret. However enterprise organisations are hampered by poor foundations – with low quality, inaccessible data – and a lack of technical skills, making it impossible to know how and where to apply AI to extract value.

With unnecessary costs and resources as a result, it becomes difficult to achieve buy-in for AI projects and see them through to fruition. However, the unparalleled ability of the numerous types of AI, including Generative AI, to increase efficiencies, reduce risk, cut costs, uncover insights, and even generate novel content is open to enterprises who can redefine their data foundations and scale AI across the business.

Mesh-AI has the skills and expertise to unleash the power of AI for your enterprise at scale, enabling transformative outcomes aligned with your business goals.

We've worked with the world's most highly-regulated enterprise organisations to deploy AI for long-term value and accelerate business outcomes. We introduce new capabilities that are made available to the whole organisation, not just siloed teams – we are one of a handful of organisations globally to scale AI across critical national infrastructure.

We bring a wide reaching set of adoption frameworks, consulting accelerators, codified solutions and deep industry & technical expertise, enabling us to incubate ML & AI capabilities where it makes sense for your business and at speed.

Our clients unlock the full potential of AI within their organisations, built on quality and accessible data, designed around pressing objectives and developed alongside a scalable platform roadmap to ensure the long-term growth and success of their investment into AI.

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