Data Mesh

Enterprises rightly understand the power their data holds. Used correctly it provides access to real-time insights into your customers, your products and your business. However, when it comes to investment in next generation technologies many fail to deliver the expected results.

Enter data mesh. A data mesh approach allows your organisation to develop highly decentralised data architecture, allowing you to streamline centralised processes for seamless access to essential data, whether for collection, processing, or analysis, when you need it at scale.

Mesh-AI can transform how your enterprise operates with data mesh, enabling you to extract the full value of your data.

We work with the world's most highly-regulated enterprise organisations to enable them to streamline practices, empower divisions to be better data owners, elevate accessibility to business critical information and foster a data-driven approach organisation-wide.

We introduce federated models of data governance to support compliance and regulatory requirements without compromising on innovation, while ensuring your data is trustworthy, high quality and  accessible to all areas of the business. We empower your people to make data-driven decisions and boost performance while setting the foundations for the future transformation.

Neil Drennan, Currencycloud CTO: “Working with Mesh-AI has been a crucial step in laying the groundwork for our future direction of travel with data. In a rapid manner, they were able to understand our technology challenges, business aspirations and deliver significant value. We are excited to continue our partnership into the next phase.”

Our clients take advantage of scalable and autonomous architecture to improve data ownership across the organisation, helping teams create a network of valuable data products across the organisation.

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